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Erlangen, Germany

About the City

Erlangen Innenstadt Erlangen is the eight largest city in Bavaria with a variously social Infrastructure has today a population of ca. 101.000 people. The birthday was - apart from the first time documentary in 1002 - with the arrival from france by calvinistic refugees in 1686. There was a barock city built for them who is still today in very good preservation .



Bergkirchweih / Riesenrad The popular "Trademarks" of Erlangen are the long bicycle-ways and since 1755 (!) the Bergkirchweih, one of the beautiful fairs in southern Germany. Every year in may or june are ca. one million vistors from all over the world there. Other events like the Comic-Salon, the Puppettheater-Festival or the "Poetenfest". are the highlights in the cultural live Erlangen have a name as festival-city.


Click here for Bergkirchweih-Video in english language!

der Berg ruft

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History of Erlangen

Erhard ,Pinsl’ Königsreuther
In memory of Erhard ,Pinsl’ Königsreuther †12.03.2009

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