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Erlangen, Germany

Days of my life:

June 19, 1963: 05:10 o'clock... The stork fly the wrong way and lands in Erlangen. he brings me in his luggage...

September 10, 1969: Hurray! I went to school....

September 11, 1969: One more day I have to go to the school. there must be somthing wrong. no fun, no sweeties...

September 01, 1978: My first job. Learning to sell TV and Hi-Fi

Spring '79 "No Future-Time". My Punk-era starts. Sex Pistols, UK Subs, Clash and the Damned are in my recordcabinet - Bracelets with studs, Badges, leatherjackets and tear up T-Shirts are in my wardrobe. Green hairs and a little bit crazy. also I have a own Fanzine: "Kacke 80" (shit eighty) was the tiltle ;-) Oi! Oi! Oi!

 Fanzine Kacke 80/1   Fanzine Kacke 80/2   Fanzine Kacke 80/3   Fanzine Kacke 81/4   Fanzine Kacke 81/5   Fanzine Kacke 81/6

Fall '79: My first girlfriend...

July 10, 1980: Bye-bye TV-Store - there are better places for work.

Next job was the gasoline-station at the german autobahn. Here you can the the wide world... Stop! Not you see the wide world - only the people on the Highway see this. Driving such a large truck must be the right job to see the world...

October 13, 1981: run for your life - I get a driver-licence for cars :-)

1983: The first job as a truckdriver - ok, only a small lorry, but better than nothing

March 15, 1984 Out of home - my first own rooms with no parants inthe near

1985: After a long time I get the driving-license for large trucks. Keep on trucking...

September 1987: I buy my first US-Car.... It's Buick-time...

July 22, 1988: My biggest mistake... I married :-(

Summer 1992: The first computer, a Amiga 500

September 28, 1992: The first child...

June 01, 1993: I create the Classic Car Team Franken

September 09, 1994: The second child....

1996: Well, the life is not so nice like in earlier times...

1997: More and more I dont like the life at home...

November, 01, 1998: Be the Commissioner for Datasheets in the Major US-Car Club D.U.S.

December 16, 1999: The twentyfirst century is coming - and this is my first day with internet

August 06, 2000: I'm not longer the president from the Classic Car Team Franken.

December 26, 2000: I do not bear it. I leave the home for ever

2001: Now I be a single - is this the life I want?

April 01, 2001: After 3 month on the street I have a new home.

June 21, 2001: Now I_m a human - I have a telephone and internet ;-)

September 11, 2001: I heart in the radio about the terror assaults in New York. I was shocked.

November 28, 2001: Happy(?) divorced....

march 11, 2002: My first homepage is online.

April 15, 2002: I start to sell some things at ebay.

June 06, 2002: This (my second) Homepage is online...

March 12, 2003: Today I am a Powerseller v8jojo is a PowerSeller :-)

May 26, 2003: I build a Homepage for a friend.

July 01, 2003: A new future? I am with a Online-Shop my own boss.

January 01, 2004: The first commercial Site is online.

October 10, 2004: Some Powerseller and I were invited by ebay to the headquarter for talk about problems.

January 01, 2005: A new year starts, I hope irt is better than the last one...

Spring 2005: The ebay conversions become worse, the germans have no more money.

May 20, 2005: My dwelling is quit because of internal requirement. I must leave til august...

June 01, 2005: I get a new residence in Ansbach - 70 km away from Erlangen. Leave Erlangen after more than 40 Years?

July 01, 2005: The removal is created - thanks here for the assistancer!

August 01, 2005: It is hard to live in a city, in which one knows as well as nobody. For my luck I have Internet...

January 01, 2006: I visit a dwelling in Pegnitz. I will take it. It corresponds to menen conceptions. To 1.4. is removal...

April 01, 2006: Removal day, on one day a whole dwelling move. No easy task, but with the correct people it runs.

April 08, 2006: For one week in Pegnitz. Again a new environment, place without acquaintance or friends. Visitor - practical none..

May 01, 2006: Slowly acclimatized and nevertheless hardly one weekend at home outward work makes slowly fun and one becomes acquainted with dear humans.

May 10, 2006: The buisness goes down - it is no more money there. How is to end? ?

June 06, 2006: The "Date from the Devil", I shift the place of my working for several weeks into the Breisgau

June 26, 2006: Also in the wild south there are sweet girls. - today I met one...

July 12, 2006: Must drive to Pegnitz and look which with the dwelling happened .

July 30, 2006: My fears are confirmed . My dialect becomes the job killer .

August 27, 2006: A girlfriend visits me. I think I'm going in love...

August 28, 2006: Housing dissolution in Pegnitz . My dream dwelling is not any more my, strictly speaking is no more dwelling my one. My furniture is stored, the future uncertain.

August 29, 2006: A small room in Coburg, only 14 yd², Tinted windows, but cheap fees. At least Internet and telephone remain me received so I can continuing the work .

November 22, 2006: Today I have sold my car. I have not enough money to own it longer.

December 14, 2006: Coburg good bye. I am leaving Coburg and Frankonia. Thanks to Mike and Galyna for give me a roof over the head.. I never will forgot you my friends.

December 15, 2006: A new aera begans. With the poor things I have I'm going to Waldkirch in south-west Germany. The reason? My love lives here...

March 02, 2007: I change my residence again. The sixt time in the last 12 months. No, this is not my hobby - I hate this... I move to the only 5 km away village Denzlingen. A nice dwelling for my girlfriend and me.

May 30, 2007: At the end of may I went to my old homeship Erlangen to visit old friends. There I heard about my birtdaypresent. Its a tattoo. Lou will make it.

June 03, 2007: From my very dear friend Marcus makes me a huge surprise. At a later time I tell more. I could hardly speechlessness before louder words, although so infinitely many would have been necessary. Therefore, at this point again a warm thank you!

June 07, 2007 - June 17, 2007: My first holiday for 21 years. And then in the United States - California, Arizona, Oklahoma... We could not with my girlfriend, but it was still the most beautiful experience of my life. Pictures of the trip are found in the the navigation "USA 2007". Thanks Marcus!

October, 10, 2007: It happened. My arm now adorns a 32 Ford Hot Rod. It is not yet ready, he is still from one to two meetings, then I think about the next tattoo - and yes, it does hurt :-)

August 07, 2008: The Tattoo is the third meeting finished. I like it and I hope my fellow human beings too.

November 18, 2008: Deep Purple live in Basle. This has been the absolute ultimate in concert - and I've seen a lot. Awesome!

November 22, 2008: JBO-Fanclub meeting in Omega-Club, Erlangen. It is a great feeling with its hundred other fans and the band together to celebrate. A little music, a little karaoke and a lot of nice conversations, in person with the individual band members as Hannes, Vito, Ralf and Wolfram.

June 06, 2009: A journey into the "Fränkische Wunderland" - with my kids. Something like I have long been missing. It was a awesome day that really fun!

July 20, 2009: Heading on a trip reached me a call that my stepfather is ill. As he did for years after our sick mother that is now without help. Immediately I'm going to Erlangen to help and see how it goes. Unfortunately, the only solution, the admission to a nursing home. The mother is there, well cared for and in the meantime recovered stepfather, he can visit her every day.

August 08 - 14, 2009: Holyday in East Germany. Unbelievable as 20 years after the wall fell, everything has changed - both positively and negatively. Flourishing landscapes are ruins opposite. Partial unbelievable how whole streets are abandoned to decay.

Aufgust 29, 2009: Today I met Herbert Hoffmann, the Tattoo-Legend. A phantastic artist and a very nice man.

September 08 - 11, 2009: The kids visit the Black Forest, well, rather Europapark and Steinwasenpark - but it was funny. Great weather and fantastic rides.

September 23, 2009: The mother of my children succumbed to her years of illness. Until the court decision on custody has her last husband takes care of the children.

December 04, 2009: I learned today that the court has given me custody of my kids. I will as soon as possible return to Erlangen.

January 04, 2010: The new year starts well. After the dense fog in the New Year's Eve (visibility less than 5 meters) today blew up a Volvo station wagon in the garage and the biggest firefighters in recent years triggered in Denzlingen. Live Videos on my channel at youtube.

February 04, 2010: I'm back in my old hometown Erlangen in Franconia. I've get a big "hello" from my kids to being here.

February 16, 2010: It's a hard work to clean all the rooms and rebuild them. Thanks to all the helpers!

Febraury 26, 2010: Today I gret a new piercing above the right eye. I love the pain...

May 20 - 31, 2010: Bergkirchweih in Erlangen. The first time since a couple of years I visit the fair from start til the last day nearly any day - and most of the time together with my girlfriend!

June 06, 2010: He did it again... Marcus surprised me at the SNC with a car. I cant belive it...

June 30, 2010: Today was a large article about my younger son in the Erlanger Nachrichten, the local Newspaper.

July 03, 2010:Have been appointed today as an honorary member of the Street Runners. Thank you for this honor!

July 28, 2010: Andy was already back in the newspaper, this time with a half-page article and nationally in all of northern Bavaria.

September 01, 2010: Danny begins today on his education. I am glad that he found at the present time a suitable training place for him there and he also likes. .

September 17, 2010: Heidenfest in Geiselwind. Extended Show with Equilibrium, Ensiferum, Heidevolk, Varg and some more. I think Epic, Pagan and Viking metal has solidified for me as a music taste

September 25, 2010: One week later to the Fimbul-Festival nach Fürth. Again, super bands like Black Messiah, Heidevolk and Skyforger on stage.

November 11, 2010: th me today detected a high blood sugar, and by a too high cholesterol and thyroid continues to have a gain of function. Life has always surprises for me.

November 20, 2010: Deep Purple in Nuremberg. The concert even better than it was two years in Basel. Ian Gillan looks rested and fresher than before. Will probably not be the last concert of the guys that I visit.

December 01, 2010: In Germany there was the onset of winter at the earliest I can remember and the snow stays for weeks are actually...

December 03, 2010: Would now go shopping with my car, unfortunately I was only 800 meters away, the engine stops and didn't start anymore. Where is the error I do not know yet, I lack the funds to repair and opportunities.

December 23, 2010: I took that from the doctor a "nice " Christmas gift. Today I am - at least temporarily - an insulin junkie, who may enter each day, two syringes. Let's see what's next ...

January 14, 2011: Neckbreakers Ball hostage in the wind. Equilibrium seen again, and Milking the Goatmachine Manegarm were not bad either. Kataklysm and Legion of the Damned were not really my taste ..

January 26, 2011:The blood sugar can not fight well so easy - now I can chase me just five injections a day into the skin

February 04, 2011: For the past year in Erlangen - apart for one year by the girlfriend. the former is really amazing, because here I am really at home, the latter can be inscribedable rather than cruel. I miss her really despite mutual visits very much.

11.03.2011: Thanks to Marcus, I'm back in a roadworthy car. He took the engine and transmission from a salvage and installed for me. Thank you for it!

29.-30.04.2011: Ragnarök Festival in Lichtenfels. The first multi-day festival for us - but with overnight stay in local bed. is not that far away ;-))

14.05.2011: 80th My mother's birthday - Who would have thought - I hope there are many more birthdays to celebrate

19.06.2011: birthday party on the mountain - during Bergkirchweih. This is again only in 2038 possible. It was great! Thanks to all who celebrated with

26/06/2011: ZZ Top on Abenberg. Once you should have seen the beards - but then that's enough. Although the show was professional, but somehow listless. No spontaneity, no encore. Perhaps more thumbs down from fans.

17.-21.08.2011: Summer Breeze Open Air Metal Festival, the second largest in Germany. 100 bands gave their best, and for three days we were there with a tent and sunburn and cans of beer

30.10.2011: final SNC . A ride with hundreds of cars with really most beautiful fall weather to the castle Wiesenthau. Although some had to wait a bit to a place it was a super great experience for the whole family.

31.12.2011: Once again the end of the year together with my sweetheart on Seepark spend ....

06.-07.01.2012: Winterbreath Festival in Hirschaid. Small but beautiful, just for camping me it would have been too cold ... brrrrr ...

17.03.2012: Paganfest LKA in Stuttgart - The bands I already knew all, so I was looking forward especially to spending a weekend with my girlfriend ..

24.05.-04.06.2012: Bergkirchweih in Erlkangen - 5th Season - and finally back to the "Great Mountain bill" made. 12 days mountain - at 12 days on the mountain have been .

07.-06.09.2012: Metalfest Loreley - what a location. The first major multi-day open air for us outside franconia - and it paid off fully.

06/18/2012: Finally working again the convertible top of my car. Now I have again a "real" convertible.

14.07.2012: After a short detour to the Renaissance Faire in Waldkirch today the great event in the Fürth city. The SNC-movie night at the City Center Cinema. I even got a bit part in the main movie :-)

20.-21.7.2012: Boarstream Open Air A very nice, rather family festival. Finally a couple of metal-only people personally acquainted. It was really great there. Too bad it fails 2013th

06/08/2012 00:01 clock early: almost 40 minutes on the Wacken website tries to get a free slot to order tickets - After 37 minutes I came Dirch and won two tickets to the W:O:A 2013: "Wackööööööööööööööööööön"

31.08.-01.09.2012: Time of the Wolf Finally an Open Air Festival, where we watch the headliner (Alestorm and Ensiiferum) - comes even before otherwise rarely. So beautiful not only ride on the pioneer railway over the tent space, but also the excursion with the ship on the Hohenwarte reservoir was on the following Sunday.

autumn 2012: Andy did an apprenticeship as a timber worker, Danny permanently employed by OBI as skilled workers and with me professionally also goes up. No reason to complain.

10/20/2012: Flaming flames CD release party of Thy Wicked. Not only that the guys from Rothenburg properly make hot pagan metal, I am also in the CD booklet, as well as in trailer video mentioned by name. Yeah

09.-11.13.2012: holiday with his girlfriend in Berlin. Time to relax for a few days - if that is at all possible in a city like Berlin - get a taste of a little theater air: Dance of the Vampires was a super performance! A concert with Ragnaröek and Vogelfrey visit and a lot of entrained culture and attractions. Do me for days afterwards feet hurt -.)

17/11/2012: Dance! Festival in Munich, among others, the Foror Gallico and vVoudenspil occurred. And - unfortunately for the last time in this lineup Ignis Fatuu. Whether I'll be happy with the new singer and the new style I can not say ....

30.11.2012: Today, for the first time sold at the Nuremberg Christmas Market at a booth. Is repeated until Christmas often.

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