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It is called, each man should in its life a tree have planted, a house build and a child witness ...


For the building of houses simply and moving the necessary change is missing to me, and of the trees do not plant have I a pale glow. So I made, what I can do at the best one ...



That is my first work:Smile Completely well successfully, I believe... Danny *1992


...and you can't stand on one leg... Andy *1994



...little man an large car. He was inspired .

Danny und Andy 2009

I make new pics from my sons. They looks pretty well.

Newspaper Titanic-Exhibition 06.30.2010  Newspaper Titanic-Exhibition 07.28.2010

Andy gets two article in the local newspaper.
Click picture to enlarge!

Andy Titanic-Exhibition

Andy in front of "his" Titanic

A view to Andys room

A view to Andys room

The Radio-Interview with the pictures made by Radio "Antenne Bayern"



Faithful companions:


His name was Schorschie. He had the mentality of Garfield, let everything over itself be issued without resistance and when he get too much he goes away ... After a removal he disappeared without a trace ....



This Lady was called Odie. She knows she had *blue* blood inside and behaved also accordingl Except me she was not allowed to touch. She had claws as sharply as razors, which also I had quite often felt. She does not stay unfortunately any longer among us, there it her second (!) Balcony crash from that 15th floor did not survive ..


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